Should Private Tuitions Be Banned?

The increasing demand to execute better has pushed the students to take up private tuition. Here are some pros and cons of private tuition described below.

Pros Of Private Tuition

In the real life, some of the students can grasp the lessons rapidly in the class; whereas some can’t due to many reasons. Hence the students need extra support, this time private tuitions can be beneficial.

In modern times, the minimum number of students in each class is more than 35 usually. Also it is easy for the kids to get diverted by friends, television, internet, games, fun or mobiles that make them loose interest in studies and that is why they need some extra help in terms of studies.

The private tuitions can efficiently deal with weak students and motivate them to work hard and improve them.

The level of education increases in the higher classes, private tuitions are must at this time.

Cons Of Private Tuitions

Private tuitions add load on the students, because they get home work by school teachers as well as from their private tutors, and this is the reason that they get very less time for extra  curricular activities, which would help them to refresh their mind.

These private tuitions are usually costly and cannot be afforded by all the parents.


Banning the private tuitions could be a serious loss for such students who face problem in coping up with the class and other students. Also in the recent times, most of the parents are working and such parents certainly look out for good tutors who could help their children score well in studies.