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NEET stands for NATIONAL ELIGIBILITY CUM ENTRANCE TEST. NEET (UG) is conducted by National Testing Agency (NTA) as an entrance exam for admission to MBBS/BDS/BAMS/BSMS/BUMS/BHMS and other undergraduate medical courses in approved/recognized Medical/Dental /AYUSH and other Colleges/ Deemed Universities /Institutes (AIIMS & JIPMER) in India.


EXAM PATTERN – Total no of questions – 200

Max attempted -180

4 subjects( PHYSICS,CHEMISTRY,BOTANY,ZOOLOGY) and each subject have 2 sections- A and B

A sections has 35 and B section has 15 questions

Mark for each correct answer =4

Negative mark for every wrong question= – 1

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    • Human Health & Diseases
    • Animal husbandry
    • Origin & Evolution
    • Human Reproduction & Reproductive Health
    • Human Physiology
    • Structural Organization in animals
    • Animal Tissue
    • Animal Diversity


    • Ecology
    • Biology in Human Welfare
    • Genetics & Biotechnology
    • Plant Reproduction
    • Plant Physiology
    • Bio-molecule
    • Cell Biology & Cell Division
    • Plant Morphology
    • Plant Anatomy
    • Plant Diversity


    • Periodic Table & Periodicity in Properties
    • Chemical Bonding
    • s-block
    • p-block
    • Hydrogen
    • Qualitative Analysis
    • Metallurgy
    • d-block & f-block Elements
    • Coordination Compounds


    • Wave optics
    • Ray Optics & Optical Instrument
    • Dual Nature of Radiation and Matter
    • Atoms & Nuclei
    • Semiconductor Electronics
    • Electromagnetic Induction
    • Current Electricity
    • Alternating Current
    • Electrostatics
    • Electrostatic Potential & Capacitance
    • Electromagnetic Wave
    • Electric Charge & Field
    • Thermodynamics
    • Magnetic Effect of Current & Magnetism
    • Thermal Properties of Matter
    • Properties of Bulk Matter
    • Kinetic Theory of Gases
    • Work, Energy, and power
    • Waves
    • Rotational motion
    • Units and Measurement
    • Oscillations
    • System of Particle & Rigid Body
    • Centre of Mass
    • Kinematics
    • Gravitation
    • Laws of Motion
    • Mechanics of Solids & Fluids



    • General Organic Chemistry
    • Hydrocarbons
    • Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids
    • Haloalkane
    • Alkyl Halide, Alcohol & Ether
    • Polymer
    • Aromatic Compounds
    • Carbonyl Compounds
    • Biomolecules
    • Organic Compounds containing nitrogen
    • Environmental chemistry
    • Chemistry in Everyday Life
    • Practical Organic Chemistry
    • IUPAC & Isomerism


    • Thermodynamics and Thermochemistry
    • Mole Concept
    • Gaseous State
    • Redox Reactions
    • Ionic Equilibrium
    • Chemical Equilibrium
    • Atomic Structure & Nuclear Chemistry
    • Surface Chemistry
    • Solution & Colligative Properties
    • Solid State
    • Electrochemistry
    • Chemical Kinetics

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    Our strategies to get the best results- concept building, practice and TESTING

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    2. Assignments, previous year paper – practice
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