“Whenever it comes to studies, we always choose the best institute and often tend to overlook the environmental conditions of that place.”

Whenever it comes to studies, we always choose the best institute and often tend to overlook the environmental conditions of that place. But as much as the best education is concerned, health-affecting factors should be taken under consideration too.

If we talk about Indian national exams such as GATE/NET or other career-making competitive exams, Delhi is often considered as the hub for coaching.

But besides being one of the most crowded cities, Delhi is famous for its pollution content in its atmosphere.

Chandigarh, on the other hand, is known for its greenery and healthy environment.

So, here we are describing 5 factors that would change your mind to choose Chandigarh city for the coaching if you are a NET/GATE 2020 aspirant.

1. Green and Less Polluted Environment

A healthy mind lives in a healthy body! And a healthy environment plays an important role in promoting a healthy body and mind both.

Chandigarh city is one of the best-planned cities in the world and also one of the greenest cities. The government work towards the cleanliness of the city with strict rules. The Sukhna lake and all the gardens don’t only help in creating the aesthetic of the city but also contribute towards the healthy environment for living.

This city surely has lesser traffic and industries than Delhi hence, less pollution. So, this environment would be really great for any student or any national exam aspirant.

2. Clean and Less Crowded Railway Station

Chandigarh railway station is well-planned, well-developed and clean with an escalator, food facilities. Also, further conveyance facilities to the city like bus, auto, and cabs are easily available.

Hence, it is another major factor for students to move to this city for its conveyance facilities which provide connectivity and ease of traveling to this city. The railway is well planned and it can manage the crowd in an organized way.

It is located on the outskirts of Chandigarh and Panchkula and connects all the major and minor cities in India.

3. Good Provisions for Health and Education.

Besides being known for its healthy living environment, Chandigarh city has also provisioned for health and education. It has many renowned health and education institutes.

Students who want to pursue their studies in a healthy environment along with convenient health facilities then surely, Chandigarh is the best option for them.

Along with the great education institute option, Chandigarh has many coaching institutes like Bansal Academy for the competitive/exam aspirants.

4. Traffic is not a problem here

Time is everything for the aspirants of competitive exams hence, even a minute counts. Taking into consideration Delhi in terms of traffic, there has always been bad reports.

The long traffic queues can waste your time and can hinder your study routine either on your way to coaching or home.

Also, Chandigarh city is well-planned and well-organized so, the traffic problem is very less likely to be seen in this city. Therefore, you tend to save more time for your exam preparation.

5. International Airport

Chandigarh is now blessed to have an international airport which indeed enables connectivity to the major parts of the country and some of the international countries too.

Earlier, when the airport facility was not there, it could be counted as a drawback for not attracting students/competitive exam aspirants to the city. But now, this problem has been solved and students/aspirants can come to the city for studies/coaching.